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Our Story

Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar

As Americans we find ourselves having to compromise making a decision on what to order. Currently consumers have desires for healthier, faster, and more casual options versus the traditional fast food. Uncle Sharkii which couples the freshest prepared ingredients with humble Hawaiian beginnings thrown together in a Cali-fresh mixture. With a fusion of Asian centric flavors worth smiling over.

An Idea is born

From humble beginnings, Uncle Sharkii is the brainchild of Raymond & Fenny.

Born into two different worlds, Uncle Sharkii was founded by Fenny a tenacious, funny, and hip girl from Hunan, China and Raymond a laidback born native Hawaiian. Joined to a "T" these two entrepreneurs brought to the table the first of its kind: "Poke Bowls Made Simple ..."

Flash back to a life changing trip to China, when their daughter Melody met her uncle for the very first time, the Uncle gifted Melody a plush shark while they ate Asian Snack Foods. They were strangers and immediately became instant family.

Hence the brand is born...

Uncle Sharkii is the bond between a girl named Melody & her Uncle sharing the love of food, family, and of course the gift of a plush shark.

Poke bowls made simple

Ordering a Poke Bowl shouldn’t be Rocket Science or give you a headache. You are the boss… it should be quick and simple.

Join the Uncle Sharkii revolution!

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